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Created the user interface for the enhanced redesign of the BeyondTrust website.

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UI Design

QA Assessment

Front-end Development

Custom Digital Graphics

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About the project

At BeyondTrust, our team paved the way for the website's new redesign. We adopted an agile methodology, progressively launching website sections every 1-2 months. This restructuring adhered to our brand guidelines and aimed to infuse the site with a novel and inventive design, enhancing the overall user experience.

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The solution

To elevate the website's performance, we embarked on developing CMS components that would empower our internal team to effortlessly craft visually appealing web pages.

Initially, we held stakeholder meetings to delve into the requirements, necessities, and desirable elements for each section. Subsequently, our UX consultant devised low-fidelity wireframes derived from the stakeholder input. First, we had stakeholder meetings to discuss wants, needs and "nice to haves" for each section. Then, our UX consultant created low fidelity wireframes based on the stakeholder data. Building upon this foundation, I fashioned high-fidelity UI screens in alignment with best practices and our brand guidelines. These screens were then transformed into prototypes to showcase the prospective functionality of each CMS component.

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The collective impact on both our internal and external users was remarkable. This endeavor led to a notably enhanced user experience, benefiting not just our customers but also our internal team. We successfully equipped them with the means to effortlessly craft visually appealing web pages, resulting in an overall improved experience.


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