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I designed HTML5 ads, static ads, and personalized graphics for BeyondTrust's paid media campaigns and field events.

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Digital Design

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BeyondTrust Digital Work
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About the project

I create a variety of digital graphics to bolster paid media campaigns, contribute to field events, and elevate the overall aesthetics of the website.

I design a multitude of digital graphics to support paid media campaigns, field events and enhance the overall look and feel of the website.

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The solution

Following our brand guidelines meticulously, I crafted each digital asset with precision to ensure the proper representation of the BeyondTrust brand. I employed our brand colors to enrich the design and align with the theme of the campaign or event.

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Leveraging our branded stock photography, vectors, and colors had a profound influence on solidifying BeyondTrust's brand presence within the cybersecurity sector. The consistent use of these elements enabled users to associate BeyondTrust with a more human-centric approach, distinct from the typical hacker symbolism often associated with the cybersecurity industry.

BeyondTrust Digital Work

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