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I was brought on board to undertake the redesign of the Contact Community Services website.

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Wordpress Development

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This site is maintained by the client. Site design might be altered.

Contact Community Services
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About the project

Contact Community Services required a website redesign to concentrate on their not-for-profit community services in central New York, which are geared towards supporting the social, emotional, behavioral, and mental well-being of children, youth, and adults.

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The solution

I crafted the website design to mirror the essence of Contact Community Services, which revolves around people. By incorporating their brand colors, I accentuated and emphasized areas of focus. Moreover, I meticulously ensured a seamless user journey, particularly for those seeking information related to mental well-being.

Their objective was to ensure that their services and resources were readily accessible through an approachable, non-corporate manner. To achieve this, I opted for a soft and rounded font style for the headings. This choice conveyed a sense of comfort while also ensuring readability.They wanted their services and resources easy to find with a friendly, non corporate approach. I made sure to use a soft and rounded font style for the headings to convey comfort, but also easy to read.

I also prioritized making the call-to-action buttons highly visible and ensured that the site's navigation structure was intuitive and logical from the user's point of view.I also made sure the call to actions were easy to find and the site mapping made sense from a user's perspective.

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The client expressed great satisfaction with the results of the website redesign. They noted that the revamped website significantly improved the ease with which people could find the information they needed, especially considering the unique circumstances.

Contact Community Services

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