Nations Roof

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Implemented front-end development for the Nations Roof website redesign, complemented by the incorporation of custom digital graphics.

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Front-end Development

Custom Digital Graphics

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This site is maintained by the client. Site design might be altered.

Nations Roof
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About the project

Revamped the website with the aim of highlighting premium services and products, thereby increasing lead generation and web traffic.Redesigned website to showcase high end services and supplies to generate more leads and traffic.

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The solution

Choosing WordPress as our CMS platform, we harnessed the Avada template as the foundational framework to craft the website. The redesign was intentionally aligned with the upscale ambiance our client sought to cultivate for their clientele.

We enlisted a third-party design consultant to craft sophisticated UI screens that aligned with our client's specifications. Additionally, I created custom digital graphics to enhance the user experience, maintaining consistency with the brand guidelines.We used a third party design consultant to create the high end UI screens to match our client's demands. I also designed personalized digital graphics to enrich the user experience, ensuring adherence to the brand guidelines.

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Through our efforts, the client achieved an uptick in lead numbers and gained heightened visibility for their branch offices. Furthermore, they experienced an increase in their employee count.

Nations Roof

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