Project Description

Executed the design and front-end development of an e-commerce site, taking into account the client's user personas to enhance it.

Project Attribution

UI Design

Front-end Development

E-commerce Site Maintenance

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Project Notes

This site is maintained by the client. Site design might be altered.

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About the project

I undertook the design and front-end development of the e-commerce site for Pendulux, utilizing the Shopify CMS platform. The primary aim was to ensure a smooth user experience from product browsing to the checkout process, all while highlighting their exquisite and distinctive products.

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The solution

To establish a seamless customer experience, we presented a range of Shopify templates for them to select from, aligning with their specific preferences and requirements.

Subsequently, I proceeded to design and execute front-end development, adhering to their brand guidelines. Throughout this process, the primary focus was on enriching the user experience and maintaining a straightforward user journey.From there I designed and front-end developed based on their brand guidelines, while enhancing the user experience and keeping the user journey simple.

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The streamlined user journey and minimalist design had a significant impact on both new and returning customers. This facilitated easy product viewing, including its specifications. Notably, the checkout process exhibited fewer obstacles compared to the previous site, resulting in elevated conversion rates.


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